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2025 Dodge Charger Unveiled in Festive Ad Teaser

2025 Dodge Charger Unveiled in Festive Ad Teaser

A new chapter for the Dodge Charger unfolds, as a recently released holiday-themed commercial offers a tantalizing glimpse of the anticipated 2025 model. Since the introduction of the electric Charger Daytona SRT concept in August 2022, details have been scarce. This new advertisement, however, provides the first official preview of the muscle car, albeit in a slightly stylized form.

The festive spot begins with a Dodge-branded “Santa’s Naughty List” book, revealing the new coupe on the second page. Painted in a vibrant red, the Charger echoes the styling of the concept, featuring a thin rectangular slit across the front end and a deep C-shaped vent in the hood. Although the two-door body appears slightly less aggressive than the concept, it maintains practicality with a set of rear seats.

The most significant departure from the concept is found in the headlights. While the original design boasted a thin LED strip wrapping around the rectangular opening, the production-spec Charger opts for circular units. The front bumper is streamlined with a single large opening, complemented by larger side-view mirrors.

Though labeled a “preproduction model shown for illustration purposes only,” it is likely a close representation of the upcoming Charger. The text also discloses a late 2024 availability, hinting that the Charger may debut as a 2025 model instead of the initially anticipated 2024 release.

While an electric version is confirmed, speculation suggests that traditional internal-combustion engines may still be an option, albeit without a V-8. A leaked photo surfacing this fall hinted at an engine bay and transmission tunnel, implying the inclusion of a variant of the Hurricane inline-six seen in other Stellantis models. The twin-turbocharged Hurricane boasts an output ranging from 420 to 510 horsepower. Additionally, rumors of a four-door version of the next-gen Charger have circulated.

As the Charger’s launch approaches in the coming months, more details are expected to emerge, providing enthusiasts with a comprehensive look at the highly anticipated 2025 Dodge Charger.

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