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EV Chargers

U.S. Targets 500K Public EV Chargers by 2030 in Network Expansion

In a move to overcome a major hurdle in EV adoption, the U.S. government is injecting $623 million into the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Grant Program. This funding aims to accelerate the deployment of 47 EV Charging and alternative-fueling projects across 22 states and Puerto Rico, contributing to the goal of 500,000 public chargers by 2030.

The majority of the funds will be allocated to urban and rural areas, with a focus on multi-family housing, schools, parks, and public sites. Nearly half of the grant will support EV charging and hydrogen-fueling stations, while the rest aims to enhance access along major corridors. Over 70% of the funds will be directed towards projects benefiting disadvantaged communities.

Specifically, New Jersey will receive $10 million for EV chargers around multi-family housing, Maryland will use $15 million for 87 stations statewide, and $1.4 million will go to Alaska’s Chilkoot Indian Association for a charging station in a rural community. Texas will receive $70 million to establish a hydrogen-fueling corridor to Southern California, and $30 million will support Level 3 fast-chargers in parts of California and Washington. Mesa, Arizona, will get $12 million to build 48 EV chargers.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg emphasized the importance of this funding in ensuring accessible and reliable EV chargers, generating job opportunities in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance for American workers.

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