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Toyota Century SUV Convertible – Embracing the Ridiculous

Toyota has introduced an unconventional addition to its exclusive Century executive car lineup in Japan. Following the launch of the line’s inaugural SUV last year, the brand surprised enthusiasts with an even more audacious concept—the convertible variant of the Century SUV. This eccentric model was briefly hinted at during the initial unveiling, and the actual convertible has proven to be as extravagant as one might imagine.

The Century SUV convertible took center stage in a detailed video presentation by Japan’s Sumo Association. Intending to utilize this unique Century as a parade float, modifications were made to the rear seat area, replacing it with an elevated bench for optimal viewing and waving.

Maintaining a design reminiscent of the Century convertible crafted for Japan’s emperor in 2019, the Century SUV convertible retains all four doors. The addition of an open top creates an appearance more akin to an elongated customized sedan than a sleek, purposeful convertible. Importantly, this design choice ensures that the luxurious vehicle does not resemble the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet.

Similar to Akio Toyoda’s personalized Toyota Century GRMN, the Century SUV convertible seems to be a one-of-a-kind creation at the moment. Nevertheless, customization is a key focus for the new Century SUV, and the necessary engineering has already been undertaken. Prospective buyers interested in Toyota’s most opulent car without a roof can explore this option, with the base Century SUV starting at around $171,000 before any additional modifications.

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