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Nissan Hyper Adventure: Sporty EV, Big Battery, Flip Seats

Nissan Hyper Adventure a sporty EV with huge battery, flip seat

Nissan’s Next-Gen EV, the Hyper Adventure, Takes Center Stage at Japan Mobility Show ATSUGI, Japan – Nissan’s latest innovation, the Hyper Adventure, is set to steal the spotlight at this year’s Japan Mobility Show, offering a glimpse into the future of the Japanese automaker’s electric vehicle (EV) designs. This all-wheel-drive electric sports crossover boasts cutting-edge […]

BMW Reinvents the X2 Compact Crossover Coupe

BMW Reinvents the X2 Compact Crossover Coupe

The second generation of the BMW X2 has been unveiled with a bold redesign and more powerful engine options. The 2024 X2 will make its debut at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo before arriving at U.S. stores in March. Pricing details have not been announced yet. The X2 is aimed at younger, active buyers […]