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Honda Prelude Comes Back as Sporty EV Coupe

Honda Prelude Comes Back as Sporty EV Coupe

Honda has revived the Honda Prelude, this time as a sporty two-door coupe concept with an electric powertrain. Unveiled at the Tokyo auto show, the Prelude concept provides a glimpse into the future of Honda’s EV lineup, particularly in the realm of sports cars that prioritize driver engagement and performance.

Although specific details about the powertrain and platform remain unknown, it is anticipated that the Prelude concept will utilize one of Honda’s upcoming proprietary EV platforms rather than a shared GM-supplied platform. Despite the absence of a manual transmission, Honda aims to infuse engaging dynamics into their forthcoming EVs by focusing on other performance metrics.

The design of the Prelude concept pays homage to its 80s and 90s predecessors, featuring a sleeker interpretation reminiscent of the Accord coupe, which has been discontinued for several generations. Enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a genuine two-door coupe’s return to Honda’s lineup, as the automaker has not produced a true sports car since the S2000, or a coupe since the discontinuation of the two-door variants of the Civic and Accord.

Though currently labeled as a concept, the Prelude showcases realistic features that would not require significant changes for production. Honda’s plans for EV sports cars are in motion, potentially including a spiritual successor to the Acura NSX. More information on the Prelude’s resurrection and Honda’s upcoming projects is eagerly awaited.

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