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Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Hidden Note by Ford Team in New Mustang Dark Horse

Buyers of the latest 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse have been treated to a surprise by the diligent employees at Flat Rock Assembly Plant. Chris Cervenka of Steeda Autosports recently shared a snapshot of a heartfelt thank-you note tucked away in his new Mustang’s glove box, personally written and signed by two of the skilled individuals crafting the iconic vehicle.

The note commences with warm congratulations on acquiring the 2024 Mustang, emphasizing the meticulous craftsmanship applied during its production at Flat Rock. It expresses gratitude to the entire team, including managers, engineers, and hourly workers, who collectively contributed to bringing the car to fruition.

“We know that you didn’t have to buy a Mustang, you chose to,” the note reads. “We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts and welcome you to the Ford Mustang Family. You are now officially a member of the coolest family on earth!”

Even Ford CEO Jim Farley joined in on the surprise, expressing appreciation for the dedicated workforce, especially following the resolution of the UAW strike. While the exact prevalence of these personalized notes remains undisclosed, considering the Mustang’s decade-long reign as the world’s best-selling sports car, they likely aren’t found in every 2024 Mustang.

Cervenka, connected to Ford through his company’s Mustang aftermarket parts catalog, may have had a hand in securing this thoughtful gesture. Owners of the latest Mustang should check their glove boxes for this unique keepsake.

Recognizing the Mustang’s significance in Ford’s lineup, the gesture of appreciation adds a personal touch for customers. These notes could become cherished pieces of garage art or be preserved alongside service documents for future owners, reinforcing the enduring connection between Ford and its passionate Mustang enthusiast.

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