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2024 Lexus RZ300e: More Range, Lower Cost with FWD

2024 Lexus RZ300e: More Range, Lower Cost with FWD

Lexus is introducing a revamped version of its electric SUV, the RZ, for the 2024 model year. The current RZ450e, the luxury brand’s sole electric vehicle (EV), has faced criticism, particularly for its limited driving range. However, Lexus is aiming to address these concerns with the introduction of the RZ300e, a front-wheel-drive alternative that promises improved performance and affordability.

The RZ300e distinguishes itself from its all-wheel-drive counterpart by replacing the rear-mounted 107-hp electric motor with a unique subframe designed to reduce vibration and noise. While maintaining the 201-hp front-mounted electric motor, the RZ300e features a distinct battery pack, developed by a separate company, with slightly larger capacity than the RZ450e. Lexus has also included a standard dual-voltage charging cable (120V and 240V) for added convenience.

One of the key improvements comes in the form of enhanced driving range. With an EPA-estimated 266 miles on a full charge for the RZ300e with standard 18-inch wheels, it outperforms the RZ450e by 46 miles. Even with the more stylish 20-inch wheels, the RZ300e maintains a commendable 226-mile range, surpassing the equivalent all-wheel-drive variant by 30 miles.

In addition to its improved performance, the RZ300e brings a more budget-friendly option to the luxury EV market. With a starting price of $55,150 for the Premium trim, it comes in at $4,700 less than the RZ450e. The Luxury trim, starting at $60,880, offers an attractive balance of style and affordability.

The 2024 Lexus RZ lineup also features aesthetic updates, including a new Copper Crest paint color available in mono- or bi-tone exterior designs. Inside, the doors showcase a decorative illuminated pattern, and the Luxury trim incorporates a charcoal look in its center console.

Beyond the cosmetic changes, the RZ’s driver assistance features have been upgraded to include advanced collision avoidance technology, steering assistance, and improved adaptive cruise control. These enhancements contribute to a safer and more technologically advanced driving experience.

The 2024 Lexus RZ lineup is set to hit the market this month, offering consumers an improved and more affordable option in the luxury electric SUV segment.

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