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Nissan Hyper Adventure: Sporty EV, Big Battery, Flip Seats

Nissan Hyper Adventure a sporty EV with huge battery, flip seat

Nissan’s Next-Gen EV, the Hyper Adventure, Takes Center Stage at Japan Mobility Show ATSUGI, Japan – Nissan’s latest innovation, the Hyper Adventure, is set to steal the spotlight at this year’s Japan Mobility Show, offering a glimpse into the future of the Japanese automaker’s electric vehicle (EV) designs. This all-wheel-drive electric sports crossover boasts cutting-edge […]

Tesla Workers in Germany Join Union Over Safety

Tesla Workers in Germany Join Union Over Safety

In Gruenheide, Germany, workers at Tesla’s German plant are increasingly joining the IG Metall union due to concerns about working conditions, according to the union. Tesla employees have raised issues about safety hazards, such as extreme workloads caused by staff shortages and overly ambitious production targets. Insufficient staffing and inadequate safety measures in the workplace […]